Personal Training

Start or continue your training by joining me in an personal training session at your home. You will be able to experience all of the benefits of coaching ranging from expert advice to motivation; all in the comfort of your home.

How does personal training work?

Each personal training program is tailored to your needs. In our first meeting I will perform a free assessment, in which we will discuss your goals and make sure they are SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time framed. Through a combination of training sessions, dietary advice and support, we’ll achieve those goals. And I will make sure you stay on track.

What is personal training?

An individualised workout plan tailored to help achieve your fitness goals. For advanced athletes it can include sport specific exercises but for most people it will involve a number of gym exercises to get you moving.

Where will the personal training take place?

A functional training can be ”state of the art”, in which the session takes place in the park or at your home (I will transform your home to a private gym with all the effective equipment that I will bring: TRX, Kettlebells, Medicine Ball, Mat, Elastic Bands and weights. I can also help you customize and pick the right equipment for your personal ”Home Gym”.

Group personal training

It is possible to plan a group personal training sessions with me and your family, friends or colleagues. We can do a lesson with: Step, Cardio Kick, Boxing and more.

VIP personal training while you travel

Do you feel like your business or leisure travel can be more effective and fun? It is possible for me to come along during your travel so that we can work on your fitness together. We can have classes in which we work on: Bodybuilding, Bodyweight, Functional Training, Walking, Skipping, Running and Boxing. After each session we always perform a complete stretching moment in which we can focus on improving your flexibility.