5 Tips To Reducing Fat and what Methods Will Trend In 2014

When you are looking for tips and methods to reduce weight you must be sure the techniques you choose work. Being aware and informed about what you intake is very important and required for you to shed off the extra pounds. With the passage of time you will be able to knock off the extra pounds and get the figure and the physique you have always yearned for. The following are five ways via which you are able to reduce fat-

  • 1. Combat Fat With Food- This may be surprising to you. If you are looking for ways to keep your calories healthy ensure that you do not take meals that are high in saturated fat. There are healthy fats in foods in the market that help you burn the fat around the abdomen. This fat is the most dangerous of all the “fats” as it leads to life threatening diseases like diabetes and heart problems. If you are looking for an effective way to reduce belly fat you should consume food that is rich in monounsaturated fats or the MUFAs. These “fats” stop belly fat even before they start. You can eat avocados, pine nuts and olive oil. These are some of the best sources for monounsaturated fats.
  • 2. Eat Food With A Low Glycemic Index- Those people that have very high levels of the stress hormone cortisol have excess fat in their stomachs. There are foods in the Glycemic Index pyramid that deploys a ranking system of 0 to 100. This causes excessive spikes in blood sugar and they trigger the release of the stress hormone when the levels of glucose decline. In order to keep the cortisol levels stable you should opt for foods that have a low GI. For instance lentis, beans, chickpeas work better than high GI foods like potatoes and white rice.
  • 3. Green Tea- A recent study in “ The Journal Of Functional Foods” in 2012 revealed that people that drank around one and a half cups of green tea daily could lose more fat than others who consumed just tea. The tea leaves have to be brewed and not boiled to get the desired results. The catechins in the tea are responsible for losing weight and giving you the figure or physique you desire.
  • 4. Dairy Products- When your body is very low on Calcium it leads to the production of a hormone that directs the body to store abdominal fat. You need to meet the recommended calcium intake of 1000 milligrams for adults. Low fat Greek diet is also good for reduction of belly fat and you should consume it daily.
  • 5. Core Exercises- If you are making an endeavor to reduce belly fat you can go in for crunches. If you are an overweight women cardio exercises and weight training help you in a large manner to get into shape. Leg presses and other similar forms of exercise also help you to reduce fat. With regularity and motivation you successfully are able to shed a lot of weight from your body.

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