Transform Plan

Do you go to the gym without a clue or are you an athlete training for a specific purpose? Then this course is for you.


Do you want to get in shape (again)?

You want to become fit and healthy, burn and train away all the extra kilos and look in the mirror with confidence.

You have probably exercised in the past and plan to do this again in order to reach the level and shape you feel happy about. It is time for change and get back into shape! The Transform Plan will help you to live a fuller life and become skinny fit again, so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest.


What is the "Transform Plan"?

"Transform Plan" is a specially developed plan to help people who would like to maintain and improve their fitness. The plan is based on real science and many years of experience from training my clients.

"Transform Plan" is completely tailored to your body type and style. By using optimal training methods, combined with the right nutrition and 100% professional coaching you will become a pro and reach your goals. Together we are going to do it!

Fitness helps me think better, feel better, and move better.

Is this a good plan for me?

Good question! If you want to reach your fitness goals by becoming skinnier and fitter then this plan should help you get there!

The "Transform Plan" has been used by over 500+ people, all of them have achieved their desired body transformation. If you work hard and have access to a coach that inspires then you will be able to achieve the same. I can be the online personal trainer that helps you with your body transformation.

Mark and Cristina have reached in a small amount of time many desired results. They were unhappy with their body and fitness and thought it was time for a change. Within 6 months we saw the results in the mirror and both of them were very proud of what they had accomplished. After the course they both knew what works training-wise and how to get in enough nutrients in order to stay in shape. How great is that?

Already 500+ have tried the "Transform Plan" with great results!

You can achieve the same!

What is included in the fit again plan?


The most effective way to create muscle is by training your body. But did you know that particular training methods can affect muscle growth? You can use this knowledge to your advantage and reach your goals faster. For example, a training method specifically designed for strength training will allow you to make gains faster.

You will receive a training schedule that is specific to your situation. Because every body is different! You will have to train for a minimum of 3 times per week or more to make the schedule effective. The schedule wil include strength training and some cardio training if required for your situation.


It may look simple at the first glance, but a training and nutrition plan can be very difficult to maintain. This is why we coach you throughout the process. The "Transform Plan" comes with milestones and support so that you can stay on track!

Together, we will celebrate your success but also your failures. A patient coach like myself can guide you in what works best. Are you unsure if your form is good? Then this is something we can discuss! Coaching is the best part of the "Transform Plan" because we are in it together.


To reach the most optimal results we will have to focus on nutrition. Without the proper nutrition your body will not gain muscle and lose fat. For example, if your goal is to build muscle then you can follow a (temporary) high calorie-diet. In this scenario you eat more than your body needs to function.

The "Transform Plan" includes tailor-made advice on nutrition and supplements.


The mind is just as important as the body. That's why we work to inspire you together! You will receive emails with tips and other content to help you stay motivated! As a personal coach I will give you information that you can work with.

Everything you learn with this plan will help you maintain your fitness over the years.


Mark Myers

Steve is very experienced and knowledgeable about the fitness industry.

Mark Myers, Sales Manager, Equinox Huntington Beach, California
Cristina Osmena

We discussed my fitness aims and he was able to make a good plan that works with my weekly schedule.

Cristina Osmena, Investment Professional

Get started with the "Transform Plan"?

You have read this far, so what are you waiting for? Pick the plan that fits the best with your objectives and lifestyle and then we can get started with your body transformation. I look forward to guiding and helping you reach your goals.




  • Weekly milestone plan
  • Progress check every 4 weeks
  • Special program newsletter
  • Email support
  • Supplement advice
  • Tailor-made exercise plan
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  • Weekly milestone plan
  • Progress check every 4 weeks
  • Special program newsletter
  • Supplement advice
  • Tailor-made exercise plan
  • Email support
  • Posture check while doing exercises
  • Weekly extra exercise
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  • Weekly milestone plan
  • Progress check every 4 weeks
  • Special program newsletter
  • Supplement advice
  • Tailor-made exercise plan
  • Phone call every 4 weeks
  • Posture check while doing exercises
  • 24/7 advice through WhatsApp
  • Discount on personal training
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