I was never as energetic throughout my entire workout until I tried…

Thanks to Scitec for sending me “Ami-NO Xpress”. A new forumula that was specially developed for people who would like to achieve an extra energetic workout. Do you require that extra bit of push? Then grab this workout formula for some extra edge.

Why take a formula such as Ami-NO?

Why do I like it? Well personally I prefer it during the workout rather than having it before. The Xpress product gives me a sustained amount of energy from the start until the end of my workout. I felt that taking it too far beforehand that it wouldn’t stretch until those final reps.

My favorite taste for the formula is the sweet and sharp Orange & Mango flavor. However, if you prefer you can also have the Peach Ice Tea flavor.

Steve Marini Fitness Product Review Ami-NO Xpress by Scitec

Innovation in Fitness Nutrition

The real innovation in this product is that it’s absorbed extremely fast and efficiently in the body due to the addition of micronized amino acids. What’s great about it is that it feels natural.

I would recommend having the Ami-No formula at least with 2 workouts every week to help you maximize the effect.

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