I was never as energetic throughout my entire workout until I tried…

Thanks to Scitec for sending me “Ami-NO Xpress”. A new forumula that was specially developed for people who would like to achieve an extra energetic workout. Do you require that extra bit of push? Then grab this workout formula for some extra edge.

Why take a formula such as Ami-NO?

Why do I like it? Well personally I prefer it during the workout rather than having it before. The Xpress product gives me a sustained amount of energy from the start until the end of my workout. I felt that taking it too far beforehand that it wouldn’t stretch until those final reps.

My favorite taste for the formula is the sweet and sharp Orange & Mango flavor. However, if you prefer you can also have the Peach Ice Tea flavor.

Steve Marini Fitness Product Review Ami-NO Xpress by Scitec

Innovation in Fitness Nutrition

The real innovation in this product is that it’s absorbed extremely fast and efficiently in the body due to the addition of micronized amino acids. What’s great about it is that it feels natural.

I would recommend having the Ami-No formula at least with 2 workouts every week to help you maximize the effect.

Top Places To Run In Milan

The moment you think about Milan you synonymously think of fashion and style. In fact here you will find fashion models and fitness enthusiasts running on the green routes in high heels! This is a thrilling experience and who knows you may be sharing grass with a celebrity you have always dreamed of.
Running Routes In Milan

If you are in the Milan for health and fitness the following are some of the best running routes you should check out when you are staying here:

  • 1. The Giardini Pubblici (Public Gardens) – This is one of the best running parks in Corso Venezia and it is an easy park to run in. There are no hills in this Park and this is why it is ideal for the occasional runner. When you are running in this Park it is advised you wear the right footwear.
  • 2. The Parco Sempione- There is a 3.5 KM route that is lined with amazing monuments. From here you can find the Castle of Milan. There are more sights like the Arch Of Peace nearby. This Park is the largest center Park and if you are able to complete two, three or more laps you are sure ready to take part in the marathon runs. However this route is a tourist attraction and so you may find many tourists nearby interrupting your run.
  • 3. Parco Don Giussani- This is near the Tortona and PortaGenova Districts. This place is deal when it comes for running. Here you are able to find a huge swimming pool and a route for bicycles. There are many hipsters around and you practice chasing them if you wish to.
  • 4. Parco Forlanini: Milan is known to be a less green city than its counterparts and there is very good news for individuals who are looking for a bit of green here and there. There is a Park close to the Linate Airport however it is a little bit far from the Milano City Center. This Park is worth a quick run before you are boarding a plane for burning off some calories ingested during the day.
  • 5. Idroscalo-If you are looking for a very short break and want relief from the stress of the city you can choose Idrocalo. This is a complete green Park and the perfect spot to clear the kind from the hustle and the bustle of the city. The more difficult the route is the more training you need. If you are fond of water sports this Park will give you the benefits of Kayaking.

Thus if you are training for a forthcoming marathon with the Milan fashion Week or the Milan Design Week near you will be happy to see models and celebrities running with you in these Parks. If you are really fond of fashion you can just run from one shop to another and get an idea of what is new in the market. if these fashion events are near or around the corner you should not get a reason to stop training. Continue and enjoy the sights of models and fashion at the same time!

5 Best Supplements To Use In Combination With Intensive Training

It is very important for you to choose your supplements wisely when you are into body building and muscle gain. When you buy them you should always invest in good stores and pharmaceutical sites. I always ensure I get mine from credible and reputed Italian websites that import original and genuine products from the USA. If you are a body builder like me it is important for you to get the best supplements and use them in combination with intensive training. Given below are the five best supplements to take when you are into intensive body building and muscle gain exercises-

  • 1. Creatine- You will find this substance naturally in our muscle mass. The substance is primarily found round the skeletal muscle tissue. With regular intake of this body building supplement you are able to get more energy. The post exercise and workout recovery is faster. The muscle performance is also increased highly. Regular consumption will also give you better volume of muscle cell.
  • 2. Beta Alanine- This is an amino –acid that comes to our body via food containing high levels of protein. For example -poultry products are a rich source of beta alanine. With regular intake of this supplement you can get better endurance and the forced output is better. The body composition is also enhanced to a very large extent. Here you are able to get better performance irrespective of the duration and the nature of the exercise you are doing.
  • 3. Whey Protein- It has been observed that regular consumption of whey protein gives body builders better endurance and muscle mass. With the aid of whey protein shakes you can get high levels of magnesium, calcium and minerals absorbed in the body in liquid form. With whey protein you are able to get better muscle repair especially when you take part in weight lifting. The metabolism in the human body improves and you can also lose weight in problem areas.
  • 4. Branch Chain Amino Acid Or BCAA- This supplement enhances the results of your workout. These acids help the body to recover. The supplement also improves endurance and this helps the muscles to be fuelled. This supplement should be used for high level workouts like distance running, swimming, marathon running etc.
  • 5. Glutamine- With regular consumption of this body building supplement you are able to enhance the immune system of the human body. This improves the results of the workouts you do. This supplement helps you to build the body faster as it has the ability to improve the performance of the growth hormone. You can take it regularly without other body building and recovery agents.

Therefore, when you are looking for supplements for body building you should always bank on the best ones like the names provided above. These supplements can be easily procured from credible Italian websites. You just have to browse through the product description to know you are buying the right thing. All you have to do is place your order to have them delivered to your home without hassles!

5 Tips To Reducing Fat and what Methods Will Trend In 2014

When you are looking for tips and methods to reduce weight you must be sure the techniques you choose work. Being aware and informed about what you intake is very important and required for you to shed off the extra pounds. With the passage of time you will be able to knock off the extra pounds and get the figure and the physique you have always yearned for. The following are five ways via which you are able to reduce fat-

  • 1. Combat Fat With Food- This may be surprising to you. If you are looking for ways to keep your calories healthy ensure that you do not take meals that are high in saturated fat. There are healthy fats in foods in the market that help you burn the fat around the abdomen. This fat is the most dangerous of all the “fats” as it leads to life threatening diseases like diabetes and heart problems. If you are looking for an effective way to reduce belly fat you should consume food that is rich in monounsaturated fats or the MUFAs. These “fats” stop belly fat even before they start. You can eat avocados, pine nuts and olive oil. These are some of the best sources for monounsaturated fats.
  • 2. Eat Food With A Low Glycemic Index- Those people that have very high levels of the stress hormone cortisol have excess fat in their stomachs. There are foods in the Glycemic Index pyramid that deploys a ranking system of 0 to 100. This causes excessive spikes in blood sugar and they trigger the release of the stress hormone when the levels of glucose decline. In order to keep the cortisol levels stable you should opt for foods that have a low GI. For instance lentis, beans, chickpeas work better than high GI foods like potatoes and white rice.
  • 3. Green Tea- A recent study in “ The Journal Of Functional Foods” in 2012 revealed that people that drank around one and a half cups of green tea daily could lose more fat than others who consumed just tea. The tea leaves have to be brewed and not boiled to get the desired results. The catechins in the tea are responsible for losing weight and giving you the figure or physique you desire.
  • 4. Dairy Products- When your body is very low on Calcium it leads to the production of a hormone that directs the body to store abdominal fat. You need to meet the recommended calcium intake of 1000 milligrams for adults. Low fat Greek diet is also good for reduction of belly fat and you should consume it daily.
  • 5. Core Exercises- If you are making an endeavor to reduce belly fat you can go in for crunches. If you are an overweight women cardio exercises and weight training help you in a large manner to get into shape. Leg presses and other similar forms of exercise also help you to reduce fat. With regularity and motivation you successfully are able to shed a lot of weight from your body.

Best Places To Eat Healthy In Milan For 2013

Milan is known for being one of the most widely sought after fashion capitals in the world. When you are in this city for getting a glimpse of style icons and the latest entries into fashion you should also taste the cuisine of the city too. There are many amazing places where you can eat out with your family and friends when you are in the city and looking for something to eat between two fashion shows. The following are the best places to eat healthy when you are in Milan for 2013-

  • 1. The Rebelot (del Pont)- This is a reputed place where you get food served quickly and without delays. The food is cooked with very fresh ingredients. The food is served in small portions but they are filling. The Rebelot gives their customers some special meals daily. Some of the best meals of this restaurant are the seasoned mackerel, grilled lemon, pork with avocado, Japanese seaweed and buffalo mozzarella. Once you come to this place you should not miss out on the cocktails, as they are some of the best in town.
  • 2. Special Burger- if you are fond of burgers you can come to Special Burger. This place serves you with just four to five types of burgers so that you do not waste time on deciding what to take. Most of them are tasty however you will not get the French Fries you are used to with these burgers. Here the fries are cut into quarters and they are hand-made. You can have your burgers with Artisanals Beer that is a good combination with your meal.
  • 3. Blah- If you are looking for a healthy brunch or a place to spend happy hour you can find some of the best light snacks and salads here at Blah! This restaurant is located in the middle of the city and it does not disappoint you with the category of dishes it has. There are three segments from where you can choose your dishes and they are Light, Regular and Energy.
  • 4. Lady Bù- The theme of this place has been influenced by Buffalo Mozarella. This restaurant is located in Milan and ideal for tourists who are looking for a good place to taste the buffalo mozzarella. Besides this specialty there are lip smacking dishes made up of eggplants, spaghetti, parmigiana, caprese with buffalo mozzarella and more.
  • 5. Blu bar- This restaurant is well known for its reception and excellent dishes. The materials that are served are made of high class and quality raw materials. The ambience of the restaurant is also good and you get the chance to listen to jazz music in the background. The wine list is very good and it deserves mention too.
    Therefore if you are in Milan and looking for some of the best places to eat it is wise and prudent to check out on these restaurants. They are well known for their excellent dishes, ambience and ideal to drop in between two fashion shows for a quick bite!